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5 Upgrades For Your Apartment That Won’t Upset The Landlord

As reported in 2018, roughly 100 million Americans rent their house, condo, or apartment. If you are one of the many that does not own your living space, you are likely familiar with the many rules that exist for renters. The majority of the rules set by landlords pertain to what you can and cannot change within your home. Oftentimes, rental contracts stipulate that you cannot paint, change the flooring, or hang up anything that might damage the walls. Despite these rules, it is only natural to want to update your living space so that it reflects your style and personality.

Thankfully, there are dozens of landlord-approved changes that you can make. Before heading to your local home improvement store, explore five apartment-friendly upgrades.

Swap your kitchen faucet

Although it may sound fairly permanent, replacing your kitchen faucet is something that can be reversed. If your current faucet looks outdated, swap it out with one that is more modern. If you aren’t sure as to how to replace a kitchen faucet, there are dozens of videos on YouTube to walk you through the process. Your new kitchen faucet should also come with instructions that you can follow. The best part? You can take your new faucet with you when you move. 

Add a removable backsplash

For those who are looking to add even more personality to their kitchen, a backsplash is often a desirable choice. However, most options are permanent. At many home stores, you can now purchase removable backsplash decals. These removable tiles look incredibly similar to their permanent counterparts, and won’t damage your walls. They are also fairly cost-efficient, which makes it an excellent upgrade if you plan to move out in the next few years.

Change cabinet/drawer handles

One of the quickest and most customizable upgrades that a renter can make is to change out cabinet and/or drawer handles in each room. From the bathroom to the kitchen, handles can be found in every shape, color, and style. They are also extremely easy to replace, and to put the old fixtures back when it is time to move out of your rental. In addition to exploring home stores for new cabinet or drawer handles, many upscale home and furniture stores carry exciting options. You can also browse online to find the handles that meet your design preference.

Replace your shower head and toilet seat

Want to make some updates to your bathroom? In addition to replacing cabinet and drawer handles, the most landlord-friendly upgrades that you can make are to replace your shower head and toilet seat. It takes next to no effort to swap out both of these elements, and they make a major difference in the look and feel of your bathroom. 

Add fabric to your walls instead of paint

Not allowed to paint? Not a problem! Secure fabric to your walls to add a vibrant look to any room in your living space. From patterns to solid colors, the options are almost endless. Many people choose to use staples to secure fabric to their walls, as the small holes can quickly be covered up upon moving out. If you aren’t sure what will look good, bring home fabric samples to see what options will work best. 

Renting your apartment doesn’t mean that you can’t upgrade your living space. Despite the many rules that you likely have to follow, the above ideas will help you make your rental feel like home without upsetting the landlord.