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Why you should have Autonomous Car

Autonomous cars are cars that can move without human assistance. |They can sense the environment around them without human input. They are also known as driver-less car or self-driven cars. It can use the different ways such as GPS, radar, laser light, odometer and computer vision to detect things in their surrounding due to their advanced control system and sensory capacity. Autonomous cars have very many benefits over the human driven cars.

Road accidents can be controlled by the use of autonomous vehicles because of their sensory capacity. Most of the road accidents are always cost by human error may be due to their improper timing of the car in front of them, behind and objects that are around them and even drunk drivers. Human beings do cause several accidents due to their slow reaction to objects in front of them, behind them and the objects around them. Autonomous cars can apply brakes even if the driver’s foot is not on them after they sense that there is an object around them that can cause the accident. Because of their sensory capacity and faster reaction to the objects around them they can escape road accidents unlike human-driven who will still need some space to react to change thus making this car suitable even for the drivers under the influence of drugs. They have the capacity to detect crashes and start braking automatically even if the driver’s foot is not on the brakes.

Autonomous cars don’t crash. Autonomous cars can detect the edge or wall and turn back on the right path if you have begun driving off the road. Fatigued or drunk drivers can drive self-driven cars safely without a single accident. You can also drink and even make a phone call including texting while driving and you will still be on track.

Autonomous cars are safe to be used on roads. non Automated vehicles use fuels such as diesel and gasoline that when burned produces smoke and toxic gases. The toxic gases and smoke produced will contaminate the air, and they are also dangerous to live organisms. The the risk of polluting the environment is reduced by self-driven cars since they use electricity which does not pollute the environment and is not harmful to living things.

They help in development of the economy. Since they can move faster and escape the traffic easily, they will make a lot of money within a short period. A lot of money is going to change people’s way of life thus boosting country’s economy.

With the aid of line support they can run faster. Traffic jam is always caused by one driver who follows a wrong way hence making other people to be stuck too, and this consumes time. In a road where all the autonomous cars are found traffic jam will not be a problem as they will move in right places and escape the jam.