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To avoid possible problems and costs of water supply, and if they occur, for a faster and painless elimination, we give you a few tips and messages in mutual interest.Owners of individual houses before each longer leave (vacation, travel, work abroad, etc.) need to close their valve (behind the water meter).

In order to prevent or early detection and timely removal of water loss at home installation (from water meter to home supplies) it would be desirable to check the correct installation at least once a month. The check is done by closing all the dense places in the house (in multi-storey buildings, in agreement with all occupants), and checking the water meter to control the red indicator of consumption. If idle means no loss, and if it spins, it is a sure sign of water loss to your own harm, and you have to find it and eliminate it yourself. If you want to determine what damage the detected loss will bring you, then with time clock control and flow meter readings you can easily determine the loss of ul / min, hour or m3 per day, which, by multiplying the cost, gives you a financial loss. A good at plumber Singapore takes care of these matters.

Before winter in November or early December, check that the water meter is protected from freezing. If not, and you are not able to protect yourself, please let us know. Frost protection is performed in higher areas.

  • If you notice any water flow into the shaft or damage it to yourself (cover flap, frame, theft of the water meter or the lid), let us know.
  • On individual construction sites and uninhabited houses, after any breaks or breaks, make sure the valve is closed behind the water meter.
  • The valve behind the water meter belongs to the home installation, it is repaired and changed at the expense of the consumer. To close the water before the water meter (when repairing or replacing the valve behind the water meter), the RJ “Maintenance” (tel: 051 / 536-260) is in charge. All tenants must be informed in buildings with more tenants on the works being carried out.
  • The drain valve behind the water meter is installed and maintained by the consumer himself and cannot be installed in our cabin at home.
  • For uninhabited facilities as well as gardens, it would be useful to have a self-closing shutter with a shut-off valve.

You will be informed about the water supply disruption through pipelines by means of public information, by our written notice or verbally from our employees. At the arrival of the water, it is expected to be temporary blurring, so let the water run out at all the discharge points until it fades, and then you can only use it freely. As these people are good at plumbing servicesyou there are options for the best deals now.

If you notice something unusual in the water, if the amount is reduced, the pressure drops, the temperature is high or the water is cloudy, inform us to correct the deficiencies.