Garden Trellis

Many of us are now choosing to do away with old fashioned, traditional fencing options in favour of a new type of garden boundary: trellis fencing. Versatile and modern, trellis panels are fantastic as garden boundaries, partitions, or even as decorations. There a whole host of different sizes and designs available on the market now – so there’s a trellis panel perfect for each and every garden.

What is garden trellis?

Trellis panels are not unlike standard fence panels. They feature a robust wooden frame and are designed to be used as garden boundaries and partitions. The key difference is that trellis panels feature gaps between the wood, giving a more modern and contemporary appearance. Durability and robustness is somewhat sacrificed, but trellis panels are much more stylish.

There are many different trellis designs – some feature diamond patterns and others feature squares. There a host of different sizes of gaps to opt for too –there are options for every possible use.

Trellis fencing as a garden boundary

Though slightly unconventional, trellis panels still make brilliant garden boundaries. Of course, they offer considerably less privacy than standard fencing options, so may not be ideal for back gardens or those with nosy neighbours.

Instead trellis panels are perfect for usage in front gardens, where privacy is not so important. Row upon row of lap fencing is tedious and boring. The appearance of your driveway will be fresh and different if you choose to use trellis fencing. Plus, your home’s kerb appeal will exponentially increase. Trellis panels are available in standard sizes, from six-by-six panels to smaller six-by-three. If you need to keep children and pets secure, it is always advisable to opt for a larger size.

Liven up your trellis boundary further with paint too. This will add a finishing touch to your front garden, showing off your personality and style.

Trellis panels as partitions

Perhaps your garden has an unsightly compost heap, old shed, or messy area you’d like to keep hidden? If you’re entertaining guests, you don’t want them to be focussed on the less attractive parts of your garden. Trellis panels allow you to section off such areas and keep them separate from the rest of your garden. As trellis panels are so impressive to look at, you won’t even think about the mess behind.

You could also use the panels to create a separate area of your garden for a vegetable patch or children’s play area.

Decorative trellis

Similar to sectioning off unattractive areas of your garden, you can also easily affix trellis panels to unsightly walls. Instead of an eyesore you’ll have a beautiful trellis panel to look at. Installing is so simple too – a quick google search reveals plenty of easy to follow how-to guides.

Climbing plants

We’ve already discussed why you should paint your trellis panels, but there are other ways in which you can add interest and further improve their appearance. Trellis panels are perfect for climbing plants. There are a myriad of different plants to choose from – some of our favourites include traditional, romantic roses; colourful, exotic honeysuckles; and fragrant, beautiful jasmines. What climbing plants do you think would look best growing up trellis panels?

Not just panels

The usage of trellis in the garden isn’t limited to just panels though, you can include trellis in your garden if lots of other different ways.

If you have a pre-existing garden boundary consisting of standard, traditional fence panels such as lap, featheredge, or close board, why not accessorize with fence toppers? Fence toppers are short trellis panels typically one foot in height designed to be affixed to the top of standard fence panels. Very quickly, a boring, standard fence can be transformed into an exciting, attractive feature of the garden. Many modern fence panels incorporate some trellis into their design – so expect to see more and more people using fence toppers to liven up their old garden fencing runs.

Trellis is also commonly found in garden features such as arbours and arches. A trellis-filled garden arch can look wonderful as an entranceway to a path, especially when adorned with climbing plants. A secluded garden arbour too just wouldn’t be the same without the trellis panels included within its design.

Planters too, often feature a small amount of trellis. Of course, this is partly to help climbing plants grow quickly, but also to improve the overall appearance and look of the planter.

There are many ways to incorporate some trellis into your garden. You could use trellis panels as fabulous alternatives to standard fence panels and use them as garden boundaries and partitions. Or, you could use garden trellis as the focal point of your outdoor space, whether you affix a couple of panels to an unsightly garden wall or the trellis is part of a bigger garden feature. Remember to try and grow some climbing plants up your trellis too, or even paint it a different colour, to add a touch of class and style.