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Get your Shed Ready For Spring!

As the evenings become lighter and the days warmer, it’s the perfect time to start on a yard de-cluttering project. It isn’t difficult to neglect these outdoor spaces, especially in the colder months. But your yard areas deserve as much attention and care as any indoor space.

Garden sheds can all too easily become a dumping ground for things you don’t immediately need in your home and it doesn’t take long for spiders and other insects to make this space their home. With spring right around the corner, you should take some time out and clean out your wooden sheds. Here are some quick tips you can follow to spruce-up these features:

  1. Consider what you use the shed for

Every property owner uses their shed for different things. Some use it as storage for yard equipment and tools or their outdoor furniture, while others use it as a home office space or even an entertainment room that the whole family can use. If you aren’t entirely sure what your shed is used for, spend a little time thinking about exactly how you want this feature to work for you. Make a list of all the things you need to store in the shed and remove things that don’t serve the purpose you want to use it for.

  1. Give it a fresh coat of paint

High-grade wooden sheds are able to weather the elements and won’t become affected by climatic changes. But that can happen only if they are maintained well. Periodically, they’ll require painting with a wood protector. Before painting the shed, check for any type of damage and fix it where necessary. Choose colors that will complement the look and ambiance of the rest of the landscape and any features that exist there. Paint the interior walls of the shed to give it a fresh and spruce-up look. If you have a wooden gazebo in your yard, paint it in complementing colors.

  1. Clean the indoor and outdoor spaces of the shed

You should take this opportunity to clean the space surrounding the shed and clear all the weeds and overgrown plants. Clean the inside thoroughly and vacuum all the nooks and crannies to clear out all the spiders, cobwebs and dust. Fix anything that’s in need of repairs such as the skylight, flooring, hinges, and the lock. Make sure it’s weatherproof; this will allow you to use the space optimally without having to worry about damage to any of the indoor features and things you have stored there.

  1. Make proper storage arrangements for all the equipment

It’s never a good idea to simply prop-up all the equipment and tools in one corner of the shed. Add several heavy-duty hooks and hang up all the rakes, hoes and other large gardening tools. This will prevent them from becoming damp on the shed floor. Keeping everything organized also helps you access everything easily whenever you need it. You can also install a wall-mounted basket for the smaller items. Use multiple baskets for various categories of things so they don’t become jumbled up together.

Following these simple tips helps maintain the condition of the shed and you will find that it provides years of trouble-free service and gives you a structure that will add to the beauty and value of your property.