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How a Camping Generator Makes Roughing it a Little Easier

Camping is a chance to get away from all the noise and chaos of the everyday world and enjoy a little nature. The only problem is that modern conveniences are, well, convenient. Some people discover that “roughing it” is a little too uncomfortable or difficult to enjoy as much as they would like. A simple camping generator can change that and make those days away as relaxing as desired. It is an affordable and effective solution that will help campers with even very young children feel more secure in campgrounds, RV parks and in the wilderness. There are many ways to use a generator during a camping trip.

  • Keep cell phones charged for use in the event of an emergency.
  • Provide camp lighting to keep away shadows for young campers and make it easier to navigate around the site at night.
  • Operate a fan to cool off tents for better sleeping.
  • To operate appliances or AC units in a camper.
  • To run a portable refrigerator and prevent food from spoiling.
  • To easily inflate an air mattress for comfortable sleeping.
  • Provide power for a laptop or portable DVD player for entertainment on rainy days.

The right generator to use when camping is one that is lightweight, compact and easily portable. It needs to be extremely quiet to prevent disturbing other campers or startling wildlife. Fuel efficiency is important because no one wants the generator to stop working halfway through their vacation. Generators should also operate as cleanly as possible to avoid polluting nature with hazardous fumes. It is possible to find gas, propane and solar powered portable models. Choosing the right one will depend on how much power is needed and how lightweight it needs to be. Obviously, a generator will have to be lighter and more compact for campers hiking into their camping site than someone towing a camper into an RV park.

Purchasing a portable generator for camping is a smart investment because the unit will also be valuable as an at-home emergency tool as well. Their compact size makes them easy to store until they are needed. If a power outage occurs the units are usually powerful enough to keep a fridge in operation or keep the lights on.