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How to Choose the Best Glass Splashback for Your Kitchen

Kitchen glass splashbacks really have come quite a long way since the times when they were just a more hygienic option to wall tiles and have a tendency to serve a purpose that is purely functional; protecting the area of the wall surrounding the sink or hub from splashes or nasty stains.

There are, in fact, an increasing number of options that are available for people who want to add their own touch of individuality or make a very bold statement to their kitchens, particularly in a society where the kitchen is truly the hub of the home and is increasingly become more central to the family’s life.

“There is also the advantage of glass splashbacks being made out of toughened glass, which makes them heat resistant and very durable; apart from the fact that it is very easy to maintain and clean them into the ‘just fitted’ feeling,” says a glass expert at Glass Inspirations.

So, Where Should You Begin?

Usually budget is a major consideration for a majority of people and that likely will affect, the expanse of the wall you can cover as well as the kind of splashback that you select. Coloured and standard mirror splashbacks are among the most affordable, and then followed by patterned and printed splashbacks, with the range being topped by ‘ice-cracked’ glass, crackle, and toughened mirror splashbacks.

Another factor that likely will affect the cost is whether or not the glass has to be shaped or needs to have additional cutting done, or have cutouts removed for electrical sockets or end up into an extractor. Of course, if you are not especially DIY savvy and hope to cover the entire area underneath the wall cupboard with glass, you might have to factor in an additional fitting and templating fee. So by far, the most popular and simplest option is one coloured rectangle, under the cooker hood, behind the hob.

Selecting a Colour

If a coloured glass splashback is what you prefer, then you will have to decide whether you would like to have a complimentary or neutral colour, that matches either your kitchen furniture or walls or whether you would like to make a bold statement, by using a vibrant or contrasting injection of colour. You should always keep in mind that everybody won’t have the same tastes that you do, so unless you plan to stay in your house for a long time, then you might want to select a colour with a more broad appeal.

Also, in the future your own tastes might change, so make sure to choose a colour that you are sure you will like for many years into the future.

How About Printing?

Numerous individuals like creating a focal point for their kitchens and one really good way to do that is to combine a single printed splashback and coloured splashbacks; especially under the hood, behind the hob. A digital print offers the ideal opportunity to really personalise your kitchen and give it a touch of individuality. One of your very own personal digital photos is one of the best ways. Or there are thousands of different high-quality images that you can find online to choose from, and if you don’t already have a favourite image, then you might find the selection a bit overwhelming.

You, of course, don’t need to have a combination of print and colour, since a large printed glass splashback panel works very well on their own, and often the result is stunning.

Adding Design Features

As glass splashbacks continue to become more popular, there are many design companies that have cropped up that experiment with textures and shades to create even greater variety in style and colour. That has also led to new technologies developing that enable metal elements, crushed minerals and a combination of various pigments being added to the back part of a toughed glass panel in order to create a broad range of shimmering and sparkling effects and allow those truly creative individuals to have their field day.