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The Importance of a Website to a Plumbing Contractor Once upon a time, contractors were mainly dependent on the Yellow Pages classifieds, posters and word-of-mouth marketing. Even as these methods remain effective, wiser contractors have also brought their business where it truly matters now – the Internet. Search Engines and Their Importance Less people nowadays are using phone books and newspapers to search for services they need. Why is that? It’s simply because typing words or phrases into an online search box is much easier than scanning pages or locating the correct alphabetical category. Several contractors still believe that search engines are only good for overseas listings, but that is totally false. Search engines are just as effective in terms of local company searches.
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If you’re a plumbing contractor with a website, you can completely tailor and optimize your site so that it gets a high ranking in the SERPs (search engine results pages). This will unsurprisingly give you a competitive edge against your business rivals.
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How to Design Your Plumbing Contractor Website Of course, besides SEO, there are other things you should think about when making your plumbing contractor website, such as: Design Your website design has to be consistent with your brand or message. It should connect with what you do as a plumber. Navigation Navigation is how visitors get from one part to another on your website. Certainly, this should be easy, and there should be no dead links. Contact Details The first thing you want people to do after exploring your website is to call or email you. Therefore, the worst thing you can do is not to put your contact details where it will be easy to find. The best spot is usually the top right corner of each page. Work Samples and References Another important part of your website as a plumbing contractor is a page or a few pages where you show pictures of your previous work. You may also ask some of your most satisfied clients to post testimonials about you. Making the Most of Your Website Exploit your website to inform people about what it is you’re doing! Introduce yourself and how you became a plumbing contractor. Show them what you can do for them and why they should use you over your competitors. A Website, An Investment It’s a fact. When you hire to pay someone to make you a well-crafted and search-optimized plumbing contractor website, you will have to shell out quite a sum. But when you’re done with that, maintenance costs will rather minimal in comparison to the returns you can expect. Smarter companies now prioritize web development and site building as part of their start up costs – and you have to look at it the same way.