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Re-running Plumbing and Electric to Create Better Flow

February 9, 2017
Re-running Plumbing and Electric to Create Better Flow

When it comes to creating space in your house there are a lot of things that you can do to make a smaller space for efficient. These things will most likely require the help of a few trades’ professionals such as plumbers and electricians unless you are super handy and knowledgeable about those two aspects of your home.

First, we’ll talk about your kitchen. If you have a tight kitchen and your appliances are spaced out funny you have a few options. If your kitchen has a dining room on the other side of a wall you can knock out that wall and extend your kitchen. This gives you an open flow and less congestion when people need to enter the kitchen. This is obviously not an easy job to do. You have to basically gut your entire kitchen. This means all appliances get moved unless they are being discarded. Then you must take down all cabinets and have the sink and dishwasher lines possibly relocated by a plumber to your ideal location. The same is true for electrical. If you have wires or tubing running through the wall you are removing then those will need to be relocated and re-run as well. The kitchen renovation can be costly, but it will make the best flow out of two tight rooms. Now your dining room will be lighter and brighter, and your kitchen will be more easily accessible. Creating an island in the middle will give guests a place to hang out while you cook and you can have your plumbing run to incorporate your dishwasher or as ink into your island to utilize every inch of space in your kitchen.

Second we’ll talk about laundry rooms. If you have a furnace, water heater, washer and dryer located in a basement or ground level laundry room it is safe to say that your laundry room is also your utility room. It can feel a bit Closter phobic in there with all of those large items taking up residency. Switching to a tankless water heater will benefit the space in the room as well as your water bill. Tankless hot water heaters do not hold reserves of water to be distributed throughout the house. Instead the water runs directly through them and heats as it is dispersed. They can cost more upfront, but you will see definite savings over time and the space created in your utility/laundry room will be beneficial. You can find any tankless water heater installation stpetersburgfl in your area. Plumbers are equipped to handle the installation of these appliances.

The third way you can create more space in your home is by renovating your bathroom. Your plumber will be able to help you reconfigure the layout in a way that will allow you to feel less closed in. The space will be instantly modernized by adding a new toilet, vanity and shower. Sometimes lay outs are just wonky and the door can open to a toilet and it is difficult to maneuver. By reconfiguring your kitchen, laundry/utility room and your bathroom you will have a better designed space with simplistic flow.