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Smart Ways to Decorate a Room to Make It Look Light and Airy

A home is a place that you look forward to returning to after a tiring day at work to seek relaxation and brighten up your mood. A well-decorated room that is light and airy helps you to unwind and rejuvenate after a hectic day at work. Many people frequently ask this question from the interior designers that how we can decorate a room to make it look light and airy. It is a well-known scientific fact that we feel comfortable and peaceful in a place that allows more sunlight to come in and brighten the home.

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Therefore, it is advisable to opt for décor that envisions to make your home look light and airy. In case if there is not enough natural light available then there are alternate tips available to lighten your room and make it more spacious. This article will enlighten you with simple ways to make your home look light and airy.

Start with the floor

The first tip to make your room light and airy is to start with your flooring that adds to the spacious look of your home. White flooring is the best option if you want to tone down the darker look of your room. White color alone can add a significant wow factor to your home by giving it an elegant and cheery look. If you are tilted towards wooden flooring style as it is trending now a days, then opt for lighter shades of wood that reflect light. To keep up with the lighter look avoid rugs with heavy patterns and opt for cool subtle shaded rugs that create a luxurious yet airy environment.

Color scheme

Paint can do wonders in creating the look you desire. If your room receives less natural light, then it is best to replace the dark wall paint with neutral and subtle shades that brighten up and enhances the overall look of your room. In case you are confused about the color scheme then the best-proven option is to go for white background paint. White walls can be best paired with black frames of symmetrical shapes to give a tidy yet modern look.


Furniture plays a central role in the décor of your home. It depends on how wisely you organize your furniture according to the space available without overcrowding it. There are some types of furniture that are designed to give a natural feel. Light color wood and the fabric that allows ventilation make your room look lighter and relaxed. Keep the fact in mind that the modern trends of décor do not any longer support the concept of overly filling your space indeed most of the interior designers are of the view that you should minimize the décor of your living space so that there is plenty of room available for cross ventilation.


It is the curtains that uplift the décor of your home and complements your furniture. Curtains can play a vital role in giving passage to natural light. It is imperative to make your living area brighter and airy that ensures the quality health of its tenants. It is best to replace the thick and dark patterned curtains that give an unpleasant feeling with lighter curtains that give the room bright and airy appearance