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Why You Should Choose Granite for Your Kitchen Countertop

Obtained from nature and molded by man, kitchen granite countertops are such a fine, heavy-duty and reasonably priced option for kitchens and baths. The term granite is derived from the Latin word, granum, meaning “grain.”

Granite is generally imported from Africa, Europe. Brazil and other parts of the globe with vast natural stone reserves. Granite is a natural stone that will lend color and life to your kitchen. It is an extremely tough material that does not blister, crack or scratch. Only diamonds, in fact, can equal the hardness of the stone. Hence, only diamonds are used to cut as well as polish granite.

Kitchen granite countertops have been a hit among homeowners over the last ten years, although they’ve been popular with designers for decades. Granite is sold in a whole range of colors and shades of blues, blacks, browns, reds, browns and greens. These days, brown and beige make the two most common choices.
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Aside from being hard, kitchen granite countertops can also handle heat from pots and pants, and is highly stain resistant to hot oil and grease, as long as it is sealed with a silicone-based impregnator. Furthermore, you will find them easily cleaned and cut for a basin. With its polished surface, a granite countertop couldn’t be better as a surface on which to roll out pastry dough. Moreover, such polished finish never fades.
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Kitchen granite countertops are matchless as no two pieces of granite are exactly the same; as a result granite gives an attractive design element and gives a certain richness and texture that you cannot find in other surfaces.These countertops have a luster and elegance that only nature can make possible. Whether you’re planning a new home or remodeling your old kitchen, your home will increase its value with granite kitchen countertops installed.

Even though granite kitchen countertops are usually costlier than other choices, they remain the most popular choice for elite homes mainly because of how they keep their value better in comparison with other home improvements. If you intend to sell your home, you will realize that buyers are happy to pay more for your home if you used kitchen granite countertop instead of plastic laminate or ceramic tile.

When planning your kitchen granite countertop, first choose the granite color you want. Most tones are neutral, but you will be glad to know that there’s actually a whole variety of colors available. If you plan to replace your old kitchen countertop material with granite, make sure to carefully measure the area for the installer. If you would also like to have new cabinets installed, ask the fabricator what they would recommend for cabinetry.

At any rate, be assured that installing kitchen granite countertops will give your property’s value a good boost.