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Three Amazing Home Bars

Natural Symmetry

A home bar needs to be well lit and in this example the bar is built directly around a high but narrow window in a corner of the room which is painted in a pale apricot colour. The window has an elegant stained glass panel at the top and provides plenty of natural daylight. For the hours of darkness there are art deco style wall lamps that have stained glass shades to complement the featured window. Generous rows of dark oak shelves with mirrored sections behind them are arranged on either side of the window creating a balanced, relaxed atmosphere. Placed symmetrically in front is an unusual curved bar that has a beautifully polished dark oak counter-top complete with an antique beer pump handle with brass fittings. The mood is lightened by the cream padded leather that surrounds the front of the bar. Curved back high bar stools fitted with padded leather cream upholstery are a perfect match for the bar.

Opulent Alcove

A winding split staircase with a mid-flight short walkway plays host to a generously proportioned bar built beneath it. An opulent impression is created by the creamy white décor and the gilt edged shelving that fits the entire width of the alcove and echoes the metallic balustrade of the staircase. To help reflect extra light into the bar, there are mirrors behind the shelves and spotlights arranged across the top of the alcove. Near the bar is a contemporary tower shaped lava-lamp and a modern art cubist print on the wall. The bar itself is of cream painted wooden panelling and the top is a grey veined white marble. There bar stools have tubular aluminium frames with white leather padded cushions and as a contrast, the flooring is of dark polished wood.

Traditional Beams

Evoking the atmosphere of an historic country inn, the ceiling of this imaginative home bar has wooden beams and panelling with a rustic charm. Two bowl shaped glass lanterns at either end of the bar are suspended from short chains. Set into a recess, the rectangular bar makes the most of a confined space. Dark mahogany shelving runs parallel to the bar and is filled with a variety of bottles, glasses and antique toby jugs. The front of the bar is edged with dark wooden timbers embellished with decorative horse brasses. Seating comprises traditional three-legged wooden stools and the floor of York stone has a heavily patterned fringed rug to add a touch of warmth. Every home bar should have a distinctive character to reflect the atmosphere of the surroundings. Let Dawnvale capture the mood of your home with an original bespoke bar.

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