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Tips for Choosing a Family Trampoline

Trampolines have become part of many exercise routines because they provide a fun way to get fit. In terms of getting effective exercise, a NASA study showed that it is 68% more efficient to jump on a trampoline than jog. Because of this benefit, many families buy trampolines to encourage regular exercise. While trampolines can, indeed, offer health benefits, families with children should always get more info before deciding on a model. Choosing the best product keeps children safe and ensures the best possible results.

Why Choosing a Children’s Trampoline Is Different

While most trampolines are safe for experienced users, the average family must learn to use theirs. Unfortunately many people are injured in that process, and children are especially vulnerable. Statistics show that trampoline-related injuries send about one million people to emergency rooms each year. There are over 100,000 cases just in the U.S. Over 90% happen to children under 16. In many cases, kids would have been protected if they had been using safer trampolines, which is why parents need to look for kid-safe models.

What Parents Should Consider When Shopping

Trampoline buyers should look at several key factors when comparing products. Because safety is always first, kids’ trampolines need to include nets that are attached to mats. That is critical, since most trampoline injuries are due to falling off the mat, hitting one of the poles, or having a limb or digit caught between the mat and springs. Shoppers should make sure trampolines are made of high-quality materials and, of course, that they fit family budgets. Other things to think about are the shape and size, bounce, and type of warranty offered. With these features in mind, the top three trampolines recommended for families are:

  • Springfree 13′ Jumbo Square with ladder, Tgoma (game system), and basketball hoop
  • Vuly Thunder Trampoline with safety skirt
  • Skywalker 15′ Jump & Dunk with a basketball hoop and safety enclosure

A family trampoline can be an important fitness tool, but it is important to choose kid-friendly models. Buyers should consider safety features, quality, price, size, shape, bounce, and warranty policies. There are several trampolines that lead the market in these categories, and Springfree, Vuly, and Skywalker offer some of the best.