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Warmth, Romanticism and Domesticity: Candle Holders from Bellavista Collection

Have you ever pondered why we all love looking at open fire so much?

We adore fire in a fireplace, though it is not for heating anymore – it’s mostly for coziness. Sitting at a bonfire at a camp in the middle of nowhere brings us peace of mind. A piece of meat roasted on a barbecue tastes so delicious… A dinner by candlelight is so romantic…

And candles… Why people feel so special about these pieces of burnable substance with a wick inside?

A lot of water has flowed under the bridge since candles and oil lamps were the only source of light in any home, from a king’s palace to a peasant’s hut. More than a century ago humankind invented – and applied – much more efficient means for lighting. In developed countries people needn’t use candles for their utilitarian purpose (well, except extremely rare blackouts) – but why we still enjoy looking at that flickering flame of a candle?

Maybe, because people have lived by candlelight for millennia.

There also are lots of sacred rituals throughout the world that include lighting candles. Among most widely known ones are lighting Shabbat candles on Friday in Judaism, lighting candles for loved ones in Christianity, candlelight vigils, a unity candle used at wedding ceremonies, and many more. Besides, people often light a candle to create joyous, festive mood.

The Art of Holding a Candle

Modern candles could be made of a variety of flammable solid substances. Most common ones include paraffin, stearic acid, beeswax, and mixes of them. Sometimes, plant waxes are also used for candle making – for example, bayberry wax (an aromatic green vegetable wax, sometimes called wax myrtle), soybean wax, carnauba, or palm wax, et cetera.

 Whatever material a candle is made of, when it is lit, it melts. That’s why we need a device to keep the candle upright and protect the surrounding place from drops of molten material. A variety of candle holders have been used for this purpose since ancient times. Actually, a candle holder is as old as a candle itself, i.e. both have been used for millennia. Visit any local history museum, and you will see a diversity of devices for holding candles: candlesticks of all shapes and sizes, ornate candelabra and chandeliers, practical hurricane lanterns, and many more.

However, the fact that candle lighting was replaced with electricity doesn’t mean that candle holders have taken out of production. Nothing of the kind. The new ones are constantly designed so that these old-fashioned items perfectly fit into contemporary homes. Reputable firms that offer products related to interior design often have candle holders on the list. A good example of such a company is Bellavista Collection.

Candle Holders from Bellavista Collection: Ingenious Design and Pinpoint Workmanship

Bellavista is a brand known primarily for its top-quality luxury italian furniture. But along with it, this company offers a huge variety of things that are indispensable for any home, such as mirrors, decorative wall paneling, as well as various lighting fixtures, from floor and table lamps to chandeliers and candle holders.

Let’s take a look at a couple of candle holders from Bellavista Collection. They were designed by Attilio Zanni – a brilliant all-round designer. For many years, signor Zanni has been creating designs for a great variety of Bellavista’s products, from furniture pieces to decorative elements and lighting fixtures.

The first item is called SYRUS. This lovely candle holder is pretty sizeable: 20.6 x 20.6 centimeters (8.1 inches) and looks a bit like an old-fashioned lantern. It is 36.6 centimeters (14.4 inches) high, which makes it suitable for placing on a table.  Design of this candle holder is rather simple but sophisticated, so SYRUS will feet into any room pretty well, whatever its style.

As for materials, Bellavista Collection offers its customers to choose between two options. SYRUS could be made either of cast brass with antique bronze finish or of cast aluminum with a special dark finish called ‘Nero Bellavista’. The combination of sandblasted and clear glass not only looks elegant – it prevents the light from dazzling the eyes.

The same kind of glass-shade has YWKO, one more candle holder from Bellavista Collection. This combination of sandblasted and clear glass is kind to the eyes and enjoyably harmonizes with cast brass structure of the holder. Also, hammered antique bronze finish gives it somehow antiquated look.

YWKO holder is 19 cm in diameter (7.5 inches) and has a long leg, so its height is 86 cm (33.9 in.) in total. It’s styled slightly after a classic-looking candlestick.  So, when you place it, say, on a table, it will produce enough light for a small room with a single candle.

These two candle holders from Bellavista Collection look different indeed, but they have a few characteristics in common. It makes both of them very popular with customers.

First, they both are well-designed and look beautiful. Second, they are made of the best quality materials and very carefully. Bellavista’s specialists are always focused on quality, whatever they do. It means that any item will be manufactured impeccably – be it a sofa, a dining table, or a candle holder.

Great design, quality materials and good workmanship – that’s what ensures that the end product will be excellent. That’s why, both SYRUS and YWKO are always in good demand, especially when holiday season comes. No wonder: each of these candle holders makes a great present.

Isn’t it wonderful to receive such a candle holder as a present for Christmas – and use it straightaway? A candle holder is a perfect present because it’s really nice, useful, and evokes positive emotions. So, why not choose such a gift for your loved ones?

Millions of people associate lit candles with happiness and delight, with holiday spirit we all like so much. That is why, we can say for sure that candles – and candle holders – will never pass out of use. Surely, for centuries to come people will look at a flame of a candle and smile with joy.