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Choosing Your Best Axe What is an axe for and what are the factors affecting your choice for the best axe? Axes are considered a form of simple machine used to split, shape or cut woods, usually for harvesting timber and also a weapon and ceremonial symbol. Axes have many forms or types and special uses consisting of an axe head with a helve or handle. An axe splits a wood into two parts through the concentration of pressure at the blad? area or axe head area, having the handle acting as a lever to allow the user to increase force at the cutting edge. But how do you choose the best survival axe for your household and adventure needs? What is the difference between an axe and a maul? A maul’s head is fat, heavy and blunt for splitting whereas an axe’s head is sharp, skinny and light for chopping. Knowing what your axe is used for is one important factor to consider when choosing the right axe for you either for chopping, splitting or log-building. Axes come in different shapes and sizes. The main difference among the different types of axes is the edge part, that is commonly consisting of edge faces with a parallel handle. There chopping axes that are designed for chopping wood fibers and those that split wood apart, and carving axes to slice into the wood. A perfect carving axe has a pointed bevel face and narrow poll, having a thin, long and straight edge. Of course, you want to get the best axe for you so you can work a dangerous task applying less effort in a safe manner. There are many types of axes. Hatchets is a type of axe which is easy to carry used for chopping small branches and kindling. A felling axe is used to chop trees down and it is much thinner than a splitting axe’s head.A splitting maul or splitting axe is used to split wood with a head that has a wider wedge and much heavier than a felling axe. Double bit axes have one end sharper than the other for felling and splitting for the other. A battle axe is designed for one hand usage and the other hand carries the shield, whereas a viking or dane axe is used to wreak as much havoc possible.
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For axe halves, it may come is different materials such as wood, metal or glass reinforced plastic. Halves made of wood acts as well as shock absorbers and when damaged, are easily replaced. Metal material may be too heavy for an ax but is often used to make some hatchets, and solid metal hafts are preferred compared to hollow ones for long-lasting use. Glass reinforced plastics are more robust than that of wood hafts but can be subject to damage by chemicals.How I Became An Expert on Tools