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What to Take Note of Before Getting a Stair Lift?

May 22, 2019

There comes a time where a chair lift also known as a chair lift becomes a need in the family. A chair lift is a very useful equipment that can significantly increase mobility in the home. Here, we would discuss the factors that one has to consider before choosing a stair lift.

With many chair lift companies and service providers out there, it is important that one engages a suitable company that is able to do a thorough assessment of your home or space, and to get them to advise you on the options available that will suit your needs. Thus, here are some of the points that one should consider.

Curve or Straight stairs

One has to be aware that there are different types of stair lifts to suit different kinds of stairs. The two main types of stairs are namely: a curve staircase or a straight staircase. There is rarely a one size fit all stair lift, thus do get a professional to inspect your stair case and advise you on the next step forward.

Swivel Seating

Getting a chair lift with a swivel seat can be beneficial for some. It allows the user to get off the stair lift easily and they are similar to an office chair. The user is able to direct the chair to swivel whenever necessary, however this function can be difficult to use especially if one has a hand or wrist problem. Therefore, do bring this up to the professional if you decide you want to have this extra function.

Space Issues

If your stair is close to your room or furniture, you might get into a space constraint problem. There are times where a stair lift can be blocking a passage, thus do get a stair lift that is foldable. In addition, take note when your stair lift is folded, that there is still sufficient space in your home for occupants to manoeuvre around safely.

Another advice would be to also select a chair lift model that allows its seat and armrest to fold up all the way automatically when needed. Some models would require the user to push each part of the chair lift up manually, and that could be a hassle. Take note that doing this can be dangerous especially if one would need to perform this step on the stairs.

Physical Constraints

Take note if the users in the home have any physical constraints. If one has a wrist problem, then getting a joystick instead of a drive button would be wiser. If you have a back injury, then the height and posture of the chair lift seat needs to be customized to cater for that need.

Complexity and Price Lastly, do get a professional to provide an accurate quotation to install the stair lift in your home. At times, getting a chair lift installed can be very complexed and at times it might not over your budget. Think about the needs of your occupants and if is really necessary to get a stair lift to cater for those needs.