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3 Tips for Advertising Your Rental Property

The online world has made almost all aspects of life that much easier, including our ability to run businesses. When it comes to promoting your services, the internet provides plenty of avenues, whether it’s using websites that do the work for you or contacting potential customers through social media and email.

Landlords are among the professionals who can benefit from these tools. Newspaper ads and “For Rent” signs in the front lawn of property have been used as promotional tools for decades, but they have become outdated compared to digital tactics. Here are three advertising tips to help you get new tenants quickly and easily.

Third-Party Websites

Many websites are available to help landlords promote apartments and houses to those looking for one to rent, and the best part is that their services are free. One of these sites is Turbo Tenant, which shows rent prices and marketing trends in all states so that landlords know how much they should offer property. This will focus your pricing to target tenants who can afford what you have available.

In addition to giving landlords the chance to advertise rental property for free, they can use this site to review competitive pricing of other companies in their neighborhoods. Free guides are available that give landlords advice on how to screen tenants, check a tenant’s credit history, contact companies that provide background checks, and find out how big their pets are.

Social Media

The best way for a tenant to pick the right rental is to get to know the landlord who is offering the property they are interested in, and one way for landlords to make themselves known is through social media. When it comes to more professional options, LinkedIn will help you establish your company’s history and success rate with providing property to rent, as well as show off your own professional past and accomplishments in the business.

When it comes to creating potential relationships with tenants, sites like Facebook and Twitter make your advertisements more personal by providing photos and videos of your company and everyone involved. YouTube is a great source for creating fun videos about your services, and being in them yourself puts a face on the company and makes it easier for tenants to know who they might be dealing with.  Posting content on a regular basis, even if rentals aren’t available, also helps tenants stay up-to-date and know that your company is active.

Email Lists

Emailing is among the most common methods used for communication nowadays, and it helps increase your chances of getting people to rent your vacancies because more potential customers will be aware of your available options. One way to ensure this is through email lists, as a subscription link in your website can give people a place to enter their emails so that they can receive automatic updates on when certain properties are up for grasp.

Landlords who are still new to the business and have a smaller list of properties available can provide individual lists, while weekly and monthly newsletters can come in handy for those who have been around longer and have more options to offer. Email lists also allow for property owners and potential customers to build a relationship by having a convenient way to communicate, which could grow into a community.


The internet is not short on tools that landlords can use to advertise their rentals. Some of them offer guides on how to handle tenant information and establish costs for offerings, and others make it easier for landlords and tenants to communicate about rentals and build a relationship.

Take these methods into consideration so that you can get new tenants quickly, now and in the future.