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Repairs Worth Making Before Selling Your House

Preparation for a big move requires a lot of work,including repairing your house for the new owner. If you’re moving, you want to make sure that your old home gives its new owner(s) the same feeling that you had when you first started living there (if it was a good feeling), but it can be easy to overlook essentials. The amount of time you’ve lived in the house, as well as how long the house has been standing before you arrived, can affect how much wear and tear you’ll need to take care of.

It’s important to make the outside and inside of the house appear and perform as good as new. Here are some things to keep in mind before you turn your house over to its new owner.


Presentability will determine how many potential buyers your house will attract. If your property comes with a fence, its appearance can affect not only how pleasant the house looks, but how secure the new owner may feel, especially if they’re not familiar with the area. You should repaint or replace any portions of the fence, if you have one, to keep it in good condition. The front and back yards should be full of grass, flowers, and other flora to add color and life to the property. You may need to resurface the driveway or sidewalk if there are any cracks so that they are not an issue in the future.

The main exterior element of your home that you’ll need to focus on is the roof. Being able to withstand harsh weather conditions and avoid leaks will determine how safe the roof is able to make its residents feel. The new owner(s) may be able to tell if the roof was ignored if they spot pieces damaged or missing or if moss has been growing.

Organizations such as Everdrain provide the services needed to make sure that your roof look clean and prepared for the elements, such as falling trees in a thunderstorm or snow pile-ups in a blizzard.


Certain rooms in a house serve multiple purposes, acting as a place for meals one day, a source of relaxation another day, and a setting for games the next. Among these rooms is the kitchen, and you need to ensure that everything looks new and functions well. Elements to focus on for repair and replacement include drawers, cupboards, and countertops. You’ll need to see if any hinges and doors need to be fixed, as well as if the surface of the counters and tables should be replaced: marble and granite are popular choices for countertops.

The bathroom is another important spot because of the issues that can arise fromconstant use. The functionality of the sink and toilet will affect how likely potential buyers will consider moving in. You’ll need to repair or replace any leaking faucets, especially if they’ve been around for a while. Cleaning or replacing tiles on the floor can help the new residents avoid stepping on a broken piece and cutting their foot. And, of course, new sinks, toilets, and tiles will all add to the aesthetic appeal.

While it is not one of the rooms people will see first or frequently, the basement should be taken care of just as much as the kitchen and bathroom. This spot is just as susceptible to leaks and damage, and the condition of the pipes can affect the rest of the house. Get a hold of a basement waterproofing service to make sure the basement stays dry, which will keep laundry (if the basement houses the washer and dryer) in good condition, as well. The pipes should be replaced if needed so that they don’t lead to any issues for heating throughout the house.


There are certain repairs that you can make without the help of a professional, including new paint jobs. Even if your house hasn’t been around as long as others in the neighborhood, a new coat of paint inside or outside will make a visitor feel like they’re in a brand-new home.

If you have dated wallpaper, get rid of it, and opt for paint! We recommend choosing light or neutral colors, which are “safe” and also make the rooms seem larger.

You might not have to paint every room, either. It’s best to focus on rooms or doors with chipped paint, as well as those with darker colors, to balance out the rest of the house. It’s also important to use sand and/or putty to plug up any nail holes in the walls before you start the paint job.

If you’re relatively new to painting, you can watch instruction videos online to get the hang of it; however, professionals are always available in case you want the paint job to look like it was done by an expert.

Ensure that these repairs are made so that the new owners of your house will be just as excited to move in as you were.